Nylon Flower Craft Tutorials

New Sheer Creations is a company devoted to revitalizing an old craft of creating flowers and other decorative objects from wire and nylon material. Nylon flower making is an art form that can be done by nearly anyone, and is being renewed and modernized by a new generation of crafters. We provide tutorial books and videos to get you started in this exciting world of nylon flower making, where you are limited only by your imagination.

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What Are Nylon Flowers?

The art of nylon flower making is an easy to learn craft which uses simple tools and inexpensive material to acheive stunning results. Nylon flower making enjoyed a brief popularity in the United States in the '70s and soon became very popular in Japan. In recent years, the crafts popularity has spread Asia, Europe and Australia. With the onset of new colors and materials, the art has expanded to infinite new possibilities of nylon flower making.

The History of Nylon Stockings and Nylon Flower

Nylon Flower Making in 1954

(Courtesy of British Pathe)

Testing Nylon Stockings

(Courtesy of British Pathe)

How Nylon Stocking Is Made

(Courtesy of British Pathe)

What Are They For?

There are a variety of uses for these flowers. Just a few are listed here.

But don't forget, it doesn't just have to be flowers. You can make many other different creations and are limited only by your imagination. Some possibilities and popular ideas are

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